UVA+UVB 3.0 Reptile lamp Set with Clip-on Bulb Lamp Holder and Thermometer Hygrometer Turtle Tortoises Basking Heating Lamp Kit

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Very Important:
Can’t use the bulb more than 4 hours at once time , or it will burn out!!!
Usually turn on light for 2~4 hours per day to remain its lifetime!!!

Long time light treatment is not good for your animals. For tortoise, it will go down to the water if temperature is too hot.

Do not let your animals to touch the light to avoid getting a burn.

UVB + UVA lamp:
* For reptile pets , like tortoises terrapins lizards snake 
spiders frogs mammals and others pets. 
This lamp provides UVA UVB rays and heat:for diurnal reptiles, helping to create a paradise in reptile habitat.

* UVA and heat for thermoregulation:Stimulates natural affects of sunlight to promote a healthy reptile
* Focus light and heat to desired spot.:Basking lamps provide natural basking environments
* Facilitates natural behavior in reptiles.Provides essential UVB 3.0 and UVA rays for reptiles.
Lamp holder:
Ceramic lamp head has high temperature resistance and safety, can be clamped and hung, convenient and economical.

* Can install all E27 lamp, like ceramic heater, UVA, UVB, infrared heater and so on, easy to use.
* Can be rotated 360 degrees in up / down / left / right direction

* Rotary switch, can freely adjust the brightness and temperature of the lamp, safe and energy saving
* Mini desgin can put anywhere in reptile and aquarium and guage temperture and humidity.
* With 1.5m proble , put the probe in terrarium and the LCD display outside to prevent your pet from overthrowing it. 
* Ideal product using in reptile trrrarium and aquarium fish tank and refrigerator.


Item size: 5*5*5cm

Item weight :40g

25w fit for aquarium/tank length <50CM
50W fit for aquarium/tank length <80CM
75W fit for aquarium/tank length <100CM


Lamp base: E27

Lamp base: E27 

Voltage: 220-240V

Plug: EU plug /US plug (will send UK adapter according to your  address)

Maximum load power: Below 200W(Not  included 200W)

Net Weight: 350g

Material:  Stainlesss steel and Heat resistance alloy cover
Size: 11×7.5x41CM(LxWxH)
Cable/wire length: 140CM
Measuring Temperature Range:  -50C~+70C
Temperature Accuracy: ± 1 C 

Measuring Humidity Range: 10%RH ~ 99%RH
Humidity Accuracy: ± 5%
Operating Voltage: 1 x 1.5V button cell Battery.
Power by 1pcs or 2pcs LR44 button batteries. (Not Included)
Item size : 48mm x 29mm x 15mm
Probe cable length: 1.5m
Item weight: 33g

Package Listing:
1 x lamp/lamp holder/thermometer/ lamp and holder and thermometer(optioanl)

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25W and Black holder, 50W and Black holder, 75W and Black holder, 25W and White holder, 50W and White holder, 75W and White holder, Black lamp holder, White lamp holder, 25W Lamp, 50W Lamp, 75W Lamp, Thermometer

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