Custom European Style Carpet Tiles 3D Floor Painting Mural Non-slip Waterproof Self-adhesive Bedroom Living Room Floor Wallpaper


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  • Item No.:  MU3449

  • Style :   European style

  • Material:  PVC Self-adhesive Waterproof Mural Wallpaper

  • Color :  As picture

  • Size :  Customizable

  • Usage:  Any smooth surface from Wall & Floor

Take Noticed:

It's a kind of customPVC self-adhesive waterproof anti-skidding mural wallpaper. We must produce according to youraccuratesize (Length and Width). You must know well all the details before  purchasing the products.  In order that you could get what you want.

  1. Please place the order refer to the following calculation method:    For example,  Your floor width is 2.5 meters, the length is  3 meters.  Please add extra 0.05m on both of length and width when you calculate .   Area:  (2.5+0.05)m *  (3+0.05)m=7.77 Square meters .  You need to purchase 8 square meters, When you make the order.

  2. Please write down the accurate wall or floor size below the order or leave me the message in time.      After we get your confirmed size, usually we would ship out in 3 days.If you haven't provided us your detail custom size below the order within 24 hours,We will customize the pvc self-adhesive mural wallpaper as per the following default size.

  3. Website price is only for 1 square meter, Any size of floor mural is for the whole pattern. Custom wallpapers are made up of many pieces. It's not a whole wallpaper. It will be cut into many pieces in order that it could suit for the international shipping. Please consider well before purchasing, Thanks !

  4. There is glue on the back of  mural wallpaper, You needn't purchase any glue or paste. You only peel off the backing paper and apply mural on your floor or wall.

If you need 5 square meters mural wallpaper, please choose quantity "5" here.

Quantity 1 :     1 square meter=140cm(L) x 70cm(W) (4'7" x 2'4") ft

Quantity 2:      2 square meter=200cm(L) x 100cm(W) (6'7" x 3'3") ft

Quantity 3:      3 square meter=208cm(L) x 146cm(W) (6'10" x 4'9") ft

Quantity 4:      4 square meter=200cm(L) x 200cm(W) (6'7" x 6'7") ft

Quantity 5:      5 square meter=250cm(L) x 200cm(W) (8'2" x 6'7") ft

Quantity 6:      6 square meter=300cm(L) x 200cm(W) (9'10" x 6'7") ft

Quantity 7:      7 square meter=300cm(L) x 250cm(W) (9'10" x 8'2") ft

Quantity 8:      8 square meter=400cm(L) x 200cm(W) (13'1" x 6'7") ft

Quantity 9:      9 square meter=350cm(L) x 260cm(W) (11'6" x 8'6") ft

Quantity 10:   10 square meter=360cm(L) x 280cm(W) (11'10" x 9'2") ft

Quantity 12:   12 square meter=400cm(L) x 300cm(W) (13'1" x 9'10") ft

Quantity 16:   16 square meter=500cm(L) x 320cm(W) (16'5" x 10'6") ft

Product Material:  PVC self-adhesive Matte Surface  / Water- proof

Stitching Method: Just peel off the back paper. match the pattern and paste it in order.

Picture illustrate :
  1. Clean the ground and make sure it is smooth and flat.

  2. Check the size of mural and match the pattern.

  3. According to the width of each panel of wallpaper, mark the vertical lines on the ground.

  4. Peel off the bottom paper and stick the first panel.

  5. spray a layer of foam water on the surface.

  6. Paste it on the ground and use a knife to cut out excess part and use a towel to clean up the surface.

  7. When pasting the second panel, be careful to match the pattern of wallpaper.

  8. Use a scraper to make the wallpaper flat. Then use a towel or sponge to wipe the surface.

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